Q: What services are offered through Speak Easy Solutions?


A: Our areas of specialty include but are not limited to : articulation/phonology, assistive technology, apraxia of speech, oral motor, feeding, expressive/receptive language, auditory processing, phonemic awareness, , fluency, voice disorders, sensory integration, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral therapy, reading and spelling.


Q: Does Speak Easy Solutions, LLC. accept insurance?


A: Speak Easy Solutions, LLC. accepts most insurances. We provide billing services as a courtesy to our clients.


We encourage our clients to contact their insurance companies prior to initiating an evaluation or establishing a therapy schedule to determine insurance coverage and reimbursement procedures.


Q: What training and certification do the therapists have?


A: All therapists are nationally and State of Florida Licensed and certified therapists. Our speech therapists have received their Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) or are obtaining their clinical fellowship under the guidance of one of our certified therapists.


Q: What kind of therapy is offered?


A: Speak Easy Solutions offers group and individual therapy depending on the individual’s needs.


Q: Where does Speak Easy Solutions treat their clients?


A: Speak Easy Solutions provides therapy to individuals in their natural communication environment i.e. daycares, private schools, etc..


Q: What is the process to get evaluated by Speak Easy Solutions?


A: The evaluation process consists of parent/client interview, case history form, therapist observation and standardized testing. Therapists determine the frequency and duration of each therapy session and the appropriate course of therapy for each individual. Evaluations typically take 60-90 minutes. Please contact us to schedule an evaluation with one of our qualified therapists.


Q: How long will my child need speech-language therapy?


A: The length of time an individual spends in therapy varies and depends on the individual’s specific needs and factors such as severity and type of disorder. Speak Easy Solutions will re-evaluate an individual to document progress and determine if a discharge is recommended every 6-12 months.


Q: What is the difference between “speech” and “Language”?


A: Speech is the sounds an individual makes and language is the concepts they know. 


Q: What are the warning signs that my child is delayed in speech and/or language?


A: Please refer to speech milestones and language milestones. If your child is NOT doing some or all of the following for their age group please call us for a consultation.