Equine/ Hippotherapy

Equine therapy, also known as hippotherapy, utilizes the natural movement and behavior of horses to support the treatment process for patients. Hippotherapy provides therapeutic benefits to patients with Cerebral Palsy, Spina bifida, learning disabilities, Autism, low muscle tone, Down syndrome, ADD/ADHD, strokes, brain damage, Multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, behavioral disorders and many other conditions. Hippotherapy is offered in the Orlando and Jacksonville areas. Our certified and licensed therapists work with patients to enhance their sense of balance, socialization skills, muscle strength, coordination, communication skills and self-confidence. It is the job of our occupational, speech, and physical therapists to incorporate sensory integration into therapy sessions.


Speak Easy Solutions offers two types of equine therapy: Therapeutic riding and therapeutic grooming.


Therapeutic riding uses the horse's multidimensional movement as a form of sensory input for the patient. The rhythmic and repeated stride of the horse engages the rider and requires him to react to the animal. Therapeutic riding is completely safe and is always performed in a controlled environment.


Therapeutic grooming provides the necessary stimuli to exercise large and fine motor movements. The grooming process also provides mental stimuli for selecting the proper tools to groom the horse and applying those tools in the proper sequence. This process is a hands on experience which teaches the patient about physical size and sensing a large animal.


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